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"Still debating on keeping it, btw I am using the free version."

I downloaded Ad Aware on a previous nite, waited until I was at the library at my college so I could run a deep scan while I did some online work on one of their computers. I looked up this review sight and read through several reviews. I let it run for about 3 hours then put up the task manager after reading a few reviews about it bogging down some computer systems. So far it seems to top off around 15 to 17% of cpu usage, My cpu is clocking around 3.7GHZ, drops to as low as 4% cpu usage, with other misc windows crap running in the background, I haven't and I won't try downloading while this scan is going on so I can't say yet if having it run in place of windows defender slows down that area yet. I will put another review in later for that. Most Normal load times on my PC though don't seem to hove gotten any slower because of this Antivirus program running, I will have to also check and see what happens when I run my graphics software and Games like Fallout 4. Ok, first deep scan completed and It only found one thing and it was from ad aware itself, not sure what to think of that lol. More later.

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26 Apr 2016

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