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kristiansolstad On Softonic since July 2015

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"Adawareis virus , installs crap we want gone, cannot uninstall"

Never seen a worse piece of software.

First it eats up 800 mb, slows the pc to a crawl and adds errors galore. Once you realize there was no benefit to ad-aware and try to remove it is when the real fun begins, it; does not even try to uninstall anything it just suggest you reboot over and over which does not help, so a teadious manual removal is needed to remove all the garbage and useless bloat this program installs, I never saw a single benefit from it in fact it installs exactly what we install it to remove without even asking.

  • I found no value whatsoever
  • ahem , everything !
  • It installs the stuff we install it to remove, itself cannot uninstall , slow the pc down
  • Only install ad-aware if you want to tear out all your hair and smash you pc to bits.

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26 Jul 2015

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